10 Adventurous Date Night Ideas

10 Adventurous Date Night Ideas

Are you tired of the same old dates, over and over again. Dinner and a movie, cocktails and dancing, tickets for a local band, binge watching your favorite TV shows together... you know how it feels when you run out of fun date night ideas! If you're looking to spice up your date nights, you'll want to start with adventure. If that word makes you want to close out this window, know that by adventure I don't mean just action sports. Adventure dates are all about stepping out of your comfort zone and doing something new and exciting! We know adventure means different things to many people, so we made a list of 10 adventurous date nights for you to pick from. I'm sure you and your lucky date will get excited about more than a few of these!

1. Rock climbing

This is a classic adventure date night. I personally love rock climbing and find it a thrilling activity to do with my husband. Nothing beats the personal satisfaction and the adrenaline rush from making it to the top of the wall and looking down! If you really like rock climbing, take a belay class with your partner so you can get more climbs in with each visit to the gym.

2. Take a dance class

Find a local dance studio offering classes and sign up with your partner. The best part about taking a dance class is that there are so many different options. Ballroom dancing, salsa dancing, even hip hop, you'll be sure to find something that excites you!

3. Nostalgia video game night

Are you video game lovers? Do you have an old Sega Genesis or PS 1 sitting around collecting dust? Is your N64 up in the top shelf of the closet? Take them all down and spend a whole night getting lost in your childhood together. There's nothing more adventurous than opening up about childhood memories together and sharing a ton of laughs along the way.

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4. Paint nights

Even if you aren't great with a paint brush, many studios offer paint nights where you pay a certain amount for a canvas, paints, brushes, and the help of an instructor. Google "paint nights near me" and find out if any offer wine or cocktails in the cost of the paint night. Getting creative with each other is a great way to create memories.

5. Hammock hanging

Bring your hammocks into the park and set them up in the trees. Hang together for a few hours and enjoy the outdoor sights and sounds with your date. When you feel you need to escape the hustle and bustle of other typical date spots, some seclusion is a great alternative.

6. Camping

Going along with the idea of seclusion, camping can really be a blast as long as you bring along the right supplies. If you love hot dogs over the fire and the coziness of a two person tent, camping is a must now and again.

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7. Watch the sunrise

Most people watch the sunset together, but be adventurous and stay up all night just because. Make it to the river or maybe your roof top to watch the sunrise! Every time I've stayed up all night, I've had the deepest most meaningful conversations with my partner.

8. Taste testing

If you are both fans of ice cream, pick 4 different ice cream shops in the area and order a kid sized cup of ice cream to split at each place. Taste test each place and see which ice cream is your favorite! You can also do this with pizza, cupcakes, or even wings!

9. Spontaneous travel trip

It's 6PM and NYC is 2 hours away from your house. Pick up your partner and let them know that you won't be back until well after midnight. Take a drive into a big city in driving distance, or drive up to the mountains and go to that lake house you've always wanted to stay at. Spontaneous travel trips are all about last minute and no planning. This adventure isn't for everyone, but I know that I love spur-of-the-moment travel plans.

source: pixabay

10. Volunteering

Some of my favorite memories in college were volunteering at a non profit with my partner. We volunteered together working with kids and had so much fun exploring the city we lived in. Find a place that you are interested in volunteering together at and start going there each month. Dates are even more fun when you are giving back to the community.

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