10 All Time Best Disney Princess Mashups

Fan Made Disney Princess Mashups

Disney Princesses are a lot of things. They tackle danger, intrigue and the occasional love affair with grace, polish and never a hair out of place. Well, in this list they’re a little bit more. We’ve collected some of the best Disney Princess mashups. You may just get inspired to write a little fan fiction to back these up.

Alice + Bob Ross

Nothing wrong with a little help from one of the masters when you’ve got a landscape painting to finish.

Image: La Luz de Jesus Gallery

Tiana + Michonne

You do what you have to after a zombie apocalypse. We’d be so lucky to have Tiana on our team.

Image: Buzzfeed

Elsa + Harry Potter

Naturally magic, Elsa is the perfect candidate for Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Image: Cosmopolitan

Esmeralda + Sailor Moon

How about a modern update to Esmeralda’s classic French-Roma style? This Sailor Soldier is ready for action.

Image: Buzzfeed

Mulan + Doctor Who

Just a quick trip through time and space before fighting off a Hun invasion.

Image: Buzzfeed

Princesses + Stormtroopers

Tiana, Pocahontas, Mulan and Aurora take care of some recon in a galaxy far, far away.

Image: PopSugar

Cinderella + Adventure Time

This Cinderella has a shoe on her head, because Adventure Time.

Image: Buzzfeed

Little Mermaid + Nightmare Before Christmas

Ariel and Eric really can survive anything, even a trip to Halloween land.

Image: Movie Pilot

Jasmine + Street Fighter

She’s already one of the more badass princesses, but this Jasmine/Chun-Li isn’t about to take guff from anyone.

Image: Eat Geek Play

Lilo + Nani + Pacific Ring

Their sisterly bond makes them a formidable challenge for any other-worldly hot mess that might show up.

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