10 Amazing Paraben-Free Shampoos for Every Budget

10 Amazing Paraben-Free Shampoos for Every Budget

In the search for quality non-toxic beauty products, it's sometimes hard to know which ingredients are actually harmful. One of these common harmful additives are parabens, a commonly added to shampoo to prevent bacteria growth. Unfortunately, exposure to parabens can cause hormonal problems and maybe even lead to cancer. Keep your shiny with one of these amazing paraben-free alternatives for every budget.

Keratase Elixir K Ultime Shampoo

Credit: Makeup And Beauty

This high-end shampoo strengthens and purifies all hair types, leaving you with soft, shiny locks. Cost: $42

Buy it at Keratase

Moroccan Oil Hydrating Shampoo

Not only does this healthy shampoo smell amazing, it infuses dry hair with hydrating argan oil. Cost: $21.80

Buy it at Moroccan Oil

L'Oreal EverCreme Sulfate Free Moisturizing System

This 100% vegan shampoo will do wonders for your dry hair with its amazing Omega-3 hydration formula. Cost: $6.99

Buy it at L'Oreal Paris

Christina Moss Naturals Shampoo

Credit: Desert Cart

This industry-favorite vegan shampoo is baby-safe, hypoallergenic, and perfect for all types of hair. It contains naturally moisturizing ingredients like coconut oil and safflower oil. Cost: $18.99

Buy it here: Amazon

It's a 10 Miracle Shampoo

Credit: It's a 10 Hair Care

This incredible keratin-infused shampoo protects your hair from sun damage, breakage, and humidity. It's also free of parabens, sulfates, and sodium chloride. Cost: $20

Buy it at: Ulta

Jason Restorative Biotin Shampoo

Credit: Jason

Ideal for damaged or weak hair, Jason shampoo is formulated with ginseng and lavender to help repair and prevent split ends. Cost: $8.97

Buy it here: Jason

Desert Essence Coconut Shampoo

Credit: Desert Essence

Organic jojoba oil, coconut oil, and olive oil work together to keep your hair shiny, silky, and hydrated. Cost: $8.99

Buy it here: Desert Essence

Oribe Signature Shampoo

Credit: Oribe

The rolls royce of paraben-free shampoos, Oribe is made with highest-quality ingredients on the market, including Amber extract to strengthen hair and Kaempferia Galanga Root Extract to protect hair from UV radiation. Cost: $38

Buy it here: Oribe

Nature's Gate Fruit Blend Persimmon and Rose Geranium Shampoo

Credit: Nature's Gate

This eco-friendly shampoo is formulated with a unique blend sunflower seed extract and wheat protein to preserve color-treated hair. Cost: $29.99

Buy it here: Amazon

Giovanni Tea Tree Triple Threat Invigorating Shampoo

Credit: Giovanni Cosmetics

This tingly, sulfate-free shampoo refreshes the scalp with tea tree botanicals. Cost: $8.95

Buy it here: Giovanni Cosmetics

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