10 Amazing Teas That Help You Stay Calm

10 Amazing Teas That Help You Stay Calm
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A lot of us struggle with mild anxiety, but not all of us have found an effective coping mechanism to help us stay calm. But did you know that you can help ease your own anxiety by doing simple holistic actions like repeating a mantra, meditating, utilizing breathing techniques, and even getting a massage? Another effective way to combat anxiety is to drink tea! That's right, we all love tea for its delicious flavor, its warming power, and in some cases its caffeine. But many teas are designed to help calm the body with specific blends of herbs made for doing so. Here are some of our favorite herbal tea blends that are great for calming frazzled nerves, and helping us to approach natural relaxation in a holistic way.

1. Chamomile

Image: Institute for Natural Healing

The chamomile flower has a soothing, natural sedative effect and the flavor is warm and inviting.

2. Green Tea (L-Theanine)

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The amino acids in green tea helped Buddhist monks in their daily meditation rituals, and it can help you stay alert and remain calm as well.

3. Valerian

Image: Herbal Shop

Valerian is a root that has been used as a sleep aid for centuries.

4. Blue Vervain

Image: Wise Geek

Calm the nervous system and ease sleeping troubles with tea made from the herb Blue Vervain.

4. Lemon Balm Tea

Image: DIY Health

To calm nervousness, anxiety, or an anger, utilize lemon balm which effects the nervous system.

5. Lavender Tea

Image: Having Kids

There is a reason yogis use lavender oil in their practice, because it is a soothing scent with calming properties. The same can be said of the tea made from its refreshing flowers.

6. Ashwaganda Tea

Image: Live Strong

The powder derived from the root of the Ashwaganda shrub has been used in Indian medicine for centuries as a hypertension combatant.

7. California Poppy Tea

Image: Sleep Disorders

This dried floral tea can be used as an effective sleep aid as well as an effective aid against headaches.

8. Kava Infused Tea

Image: Reset.me

Supposedly even more effective than Valerian root, Kava can be diluted and used as a helpful anti-anxiety cure and sleep aid.

9. Rhodiola Rosea Root Tea

Image: Crooked Bear Creek Organic Herbs and Flowers

Said to help boost your mood and regulate out-of-whack hormones, try ingesting this tea during your monthly visitor.

10. Passionflower Tea

Image: Get Natural Anxiety Remedies

Add a teaspoon of natural dried passionflower to boiling water, and perhaps some honey for sweetness, and you've got yourself a holistic approach to combating anxiety.

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