10 Awesome Dessert Pizza Recipes

10 Awesome Dessert Pizza Recipes

How could anyone possibly make pizza better than it already is? Add a bunch of sweets, that's how! It doesn't matter if you want to add a medley of fruits or your favorite candy, everything tastes good on a pizza. Check out these amazing dessert pizza recipes for some inspiration on your own sweet treats!

Cookies 'n' Creme Dessert Pizza

Oreos never tasted so good.

Find the recipe at Girl Versus Dough

Cinnamon Roll Dessert Pizza

You can even have this pizza for breakfast!

See the recipe at The Recipe Critic

Blueberry Dessert Pizza

Blueberries, cream cheese, deliciousness.

Get the recipe from I Am Baker

Cinnamon Streusel Dessert Pizza

All streusel, all the time.

Recipe at Life Made Sweeter

Sinful Chocolate Dessert Pizza

melt in your mouth goodness.

Recipe available at Cleo Buttera

Cherry Cobbler Dessert Pizza

Who knew cobbler could get any better.

Find the recipe at You Made That?

Caramel Apple Dessert Pizza

This pizza is loaded with greatness.

Get the recipe from Chocolate with Grace

Grilled Nutella Dessert Pizza with Roasted Fruit

Healthy and delicious.

See the recipe at Lulu the Baker

Peach Crumble Dessert Pizza

Peaches, crispy crust, and a good time all around.

Recipe at The Mama's Girl

Chocolate Stuffed Crust Dessert Pizza

This pizza is completely otherworldly.

Recipe available at Stylist

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