10 Best Kardashian Impressions

10 Best Kardashian Impressions
The Wiigers

Do you have a killer Kardashian impression? It's not hard to do, you just have to sound a little bored and "over it" and voila, you'll instantly start spelling your name with a K. Even if you haven't nailed the perfect Khloe voice, draw some inspiration from these on point impressions. They're as funny as they are accurate and we caaaaan't geeeeet enouuuuuugh (That's us being Kourtney, how'd we do?)

This little girl does a spot on Kourtney. It's no surprise since they both enjoy long naps, playing with their hair, and whining at their moms.

Now we'd like to see her SING that Kim K impresh.

This one's a fave because of the Kanye impression tbh.

Took us a hot minute to realize this isn't Kim herself.

Scroll to 1:22 to see the magic of an Aussie accent morphing into a perfect Kardashian brogue.

We adore Kristen Wiig in everything she does. So we're a little conflicted seeing her as momager Kris Jenner. Scroll to 2:17.

For some reason, Kourtney seem like the most fun to impersonate.

Okay, c'mon, this one HAD to be included!

That Kristen Stewert impression tho! We can't even.

It's not the best one we've seen but you gotta love that sisterly jibe.

Who's your favorite K sister to impersonate?

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