10 Creative Lollipops You Can Make At Home

10 Creative Lollipops You Can Make At Home

July 20th is National Lollipop day, so why not whip up a batch of your very own? Candy is easier to make at home than you might think. Make sure you have a candy thermometer and a little patience, and in no time you'll have whipped up some of these creative lollipop flavors.

Vanilla Bean Lollipops

These creamy vanilla pops take on a delicious caramel-y flavor.

Find the recipe at Sweet Society

Citrus-Zest Lollipops

These pretty pops contain real fruit juice and fresh citrus zest.

Find the recipe at Martha Stewart

DIY Heart Lollipops

These cute pops are made from melted Airhead candies.

Find the recipe at Studio DIY

DIY Daisy Lollipops

These pretty DIY treats made with fresh daisies are perfect for a wedding favor.

Find the recipe at Intimate Weddings

Glitter Lollipops

These gorgeous sparkling lollipops are made with edible glitter.

Find the recipe at Popcosmo

Homemade Tequila Lollipops

These caramelized tequila lollipops would be perfect alongside a fresh margarita.

Find the recipe at Leanne Bakes

DIY Honey Suckers

These honey-lemon heart pops have heart sprinkles suspended inside.

Find the recipe at doTerra Blog

Chocolate Lace Lollipops


Melted chocolate is spun into lace and studded with dried fruits and nuts.

Find the recipe at Cooking Melangery

Cherry Lime Lollipops

Cherry juice and fresh lime zest make for pretty pink lollipops.

Find the recipe at One Sweet Appetite

Salted Caramel Lollipops

Buttery caramel pops are sprinkled with smoked sea salt for deliciously salty-sweet treat.

Find the recipe at Hungry Girl Porvida

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