10 Creative Mochi-Inspired Desserts

10 Creative Mochi-Inspired Desserts

Mochi is incredible. It's a sweet Japanese rice cake made out of glutinous flour that has a gummy-bear like texture, only softer and more delicate. Mochi often filled with sweet red or white bean paste. The best part? It's almost always gluten-free.

This list showcases desserts that take mochi to a whole new level. From waffles to cupcakes to popsicles, these recipes are going to knock your socks off.

Mochi Doughnuts

Using sticky-rice flour instead of wheat flour gives these doughnuts an addictive consistency.

Get the recipe at Lady and Pups

Black Sesame Mochi Ice Cream

This heavenly homemade ice cream is made with black sesame paste.

Get the recipe at Ichigo Shortcake

Fig Mochi Cupcakes

Paradise is a tray full of these spongy mochi cakes with ripe figs and vanilla bean paste.

Get the recipe at Bread et Butter

Azuki-Filled Mochi Cupcakes With Green Tea Frosting

These moist mochi cupcakes are stuffed with sweet red bean paste and topped with decadent matcha frosting.

Get the recipe at Yoo Eatz

Froyo Mochi Ice Pops

These colorful frozen treats are studded with bits of mochi. It's the perfect way to take froyo on the go.

Get the recipe at Kirbie Cravings

Chocolate Mochi Mug Cake

This recipe mixes chocolate and mochi to create an irresistibly rich dessert in less than 3-minutes.

Get the recipe at Snixy Kitchen

Matcha Mochi Cake

Matcha is full of anti-oxidants, mochi is full of flavor, and this cake is full of happiness.

Get the recipe at Tiny Urban Kitchen

Red Bean Mochi Bars

These soft, puffy bars are going to make you wonder why you ever used wheat flour in the first place.

Get the recipe at Chew Out Loud

Matcha Mochi Waffles With Maple-Grapefruit Syrup

Pair these treats with strong coffee for a truly unforgettable brunch.

Get the recipe at Miss Hangrypants

Mochi Crepes

Speaking of brunch, these rice-flour crepes can be served with homemade jam and orange zest for a serious crowd-pleaser.

Get the recipe at Babble

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