10 Delicious (And Pretty!) Jar Cakes

10 Delicious (And Pretty!) Jar Cakes

Jar cakes are fun, pretty, and extremely to make. All things considered they take minimal effort and provide really cool looking treats as an end result. Below are 8 awesome jar cake recipes that you can make right at home with some mason jars and a little creativity.

S'mores Jar Cakes

The least messy way to enjoy s'mores!

Find the recipe at How Sweet Eats

Strawberry Lemonade Jar Cakes

Summer vacation in a jar.

Recipe available at The Tomkat Studio

Birthday Cake Jar Cakes

It's time to put away that sheet cake!

Find the recipe at Cake Merchant

Watermelon Jar Cakes

An awesomely gorgeous summertime treat.

Recipe available Pizzazzerie

Red Velvet Jar Cakes

Tis one is perfect for Valentine's Day.

Recipe at My Baking Addiction

Tres Leches Jar Cakes

Who knew something so amazing could be turned into something so simple.

Get the recipe at Dine and Dish

Orange Dreamsicle Jar Cakes

These jar cakes are the best dreams you'll ever have.

Recipe at Glorious Treats

Dr. Pepper Jar Cakes

Right out of the can and into the jar.

Find the recipe at Growing Up Gabel

Rainbow Jar Cakes

These cakes are awesome to look at and even better to eat.

Recipe available at Just Easy Recipes

Mini Chocolate Poke Cakes

This dark chocolate cake with caramel sauce is topped with crumbled Heath bar for a decadent treat.

Find the recipe at My Baking Addiction

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