10 Exercises for Toning Your Tush

10 Exercises for Toning Your Tush

These days it's all about the booty, so as women, we are all very concerned with keeping ours tight, toned, and taut. But not all of us were blessed with a naturally curvy backside. So what can we do about it? There are tons of moves out there aimed at tightening up your glutes and building muscles to round out your bottom and make it more shapely. Here are 10 of our favorite  simple tush-toning exercises.

1. Weighted Squats


You don't have to go quite as heavy as the badass pictured above, but weight squats are an effective way to tighten and tone.

2. Ball Wall Squats


Yes indeed, more squatting! This variation utilizes an exercise ball up against a wall or flat surface. 

3. Straight Leg Inversion

Cute and Jacked

Getting yourself up into a shoulder stand inversion forces you to keep all of the muscles in your core, booty, and legs tight and working hard. You can choose to keep your legs straight in the air, or for advanced yogis, try what she's doing!

4. Side Plank Leg Lifts

Image: Back on Pointe

Assume the low side plank position, resting on your elbow and knee, and kick up with your straight, top leg. After 20 on the first side, switch sides.

5. Chair Leg Lifts


Yes, we know this is the Nicki Minaj "Anaconda" video, but Nicki was actually onto something with this sitting leg lift. 

6. Double Leg Raise

Shape Army

This one's actually a lot tougher than it looks so if you have to place your hands under your lower back for support we understand. You an also choose to only bring your legs halfway to the ground, just keep your legs as straight as you can.

7. Low Pulses With Medi-Ball


Stay in a low squat position, and do little pulses with the weighted ball above your head. If that is too much for you, move ball to out in front of you, or drop the ball all-together.

8. Doggy Leg Lifts


See why we call them doggy leg lifts?!

9. Standing Leg Kickback

A Bikini A Day

Do about 30 on one side before you switch legs, you'll really feel this one in your glutes the next morning.

10. Dead Lift


This one takes a bit of balance practice, but we know you'll have it in no time!

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