10 Fresh Playdate Ideas for Moms and Kids

10 Fresh Playdate Ideas for Moms and Kids
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As much as you love your children, running the same circuit with them every single day can be a bit mind-numbing. How many hours a day can you sit at your neighborhood playground watching them closely as you hope they don't go after some other kid's dump truck toy? It is important to keep your kids stimulated, not to mention that mommies absolutely need stimulation too! Here are 10 fun and fresh play date ideas for kids and mom's to enjoy together.

1. Take Your Child to a Museum

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Most museums, whether it be art, science, or, natural history museum will have a comprehensive children's exhibit set up. You might be surprised to find your child is just as interested in the "adult" stuff too.

2. Go on a Nature Walk

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Teach your child to love and explore nature as you hike a short loop or trail. As you go, point out leaves, birds, and flowers and teach your child the names of these plants and animals.

3. Save the Planet Day

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Make sure your children know it is never OK to litter and instill a planet-preserving point of view in each of them. Next time you go to the park, instead of hitting up the jungle gym right away, spend an hour trying to find as much trash as possible to throw away. Supply gloves and garbage bags and feel good about doing a little neighborhood cleanup. You never know, other kids from the area might see what you are doing and want to join in!

4. Choreograph a Dance

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Kids usually love to dance. Put on some music and see them boogie, it's instinctive! If your children are old enough, have them pick a song they love and attempt to choreograph a dance number together. Later when dad get's home you can show off your moves. Bonus: totally counts as your workout for the day!

5. Put on a Fashion Show

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Rummage through your old clothes and hit up the dress-up box for this great play-date idea! Your kids will love putting on silly outfits and practicing their best model poses.

6. Arts & Crafts Project

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It could be sand art, coloring, or a simple sewing project, but arts & crafts never gets old. This time try working with your kids and see what kind of project you can create together.

7. Try a Music Class

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Many towns and cities offer children's music classes. This is a great way to get your kids excited about music and also a fantastic way to teach your kid about sharing. Generally the musical instruments are supplied and kids need to pass them around with each new song.

8. The Little Gym

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The little gym is so much fun. If you're lucky enough to have one in a town near you, it is totally worth the drive. Sign your kids up for a session and they will be so happy. This gym has most of the equipment a normal gymnastics gymnasium would have, but sized down and doubly padded for tiny tots!

9. Clay Project Hour

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Grab a clay project books with pictures and pick up a few packs of colorful kids sculpting clay and create a bounty of miniature unicorns, angels, and rainbows. But be careful, when you introduce this fun activity to your kids, they'll ask you if they can do it every day.

10. Go See a Movie You Both Will Enjoy

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Maybe save this one for a rainy day, but a movie can be a fun outing for children and moms alike. More and more movies that are enjoyable to both kids and adults are coming out regularly. Films like The Incredibles, Ratatouille, and Inside Out are perfect options to keep everyone cracking up!

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