10 Hilarious and Adorable Youtube Videos Of Kids Taking Their Parents Phones

10 Hilarious and Adorable Youtube Videos Of Kids Taking Their Parents Phones
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Kids really do say the darndest things, especially when they take their parents phones! If your kid is under the age of 12, hopefully they do not have their own phones yet, which is why it is so much fun for them to take their parents. With social media being a huge part of our world now, parents are able to share some of the hilarious little treats that their kids leave on their phones when they are not looking. And for parents out there that claim their kids never get ahold of their phones without their knowledge, maybe take a look though your photos and videos because you are bound to find some hilarious selfies of your little ones, at the least. Check out 10 hilarious and adorable Youtube videos of kids taking their parents phones here!

1. "You Poked My Heart!

These adorable little kids decided to document a squabble they got in about rain. One of the little girls slightly touched the little boy's chest, which almost brought him to tears because she "poked his heart!"

2. This 5 Year Old Girls Needs A Job Before Getting Married

Well it seems like this little girl has it all figured out! In fact, she really should start giving inspirational speeches to women who don't know how to live without a man. Figure yourself out first, you go little girl!

3. Something Exciting Needs To Happen...

This video is the perfect example of when kids steal your phone, and make a video for no reason at all. Looks like her little brother knew what was up, and surprised her in a banana costume!

4. Gangman Style Music Video

These siblings are future film makers in the making! The brother and sister in this video use their parents phone to show the world their own take on the infamous song and music video, "Gangman Style."

5. "You'r Enemy Is Gonna Be Payback!"

This hilarious and super cute video is clearly taken when these kids' mother is in the other room. We really have no idea what he is talking about, but he sure is excited!

6. "Chipotle Is My Life"

This adorable kid took his mom's phone at a Chipotle to express his true feelings about the Mexican chain restaurant. We are right there with you, honey....CHIPOTLE FOR LIFE!

7. Helping Out On Mother's Day

These two cute kids are trying to do chores and help their mother out on Mother's day, how sweet! However after hearing dishes break when being thrown into the dishwasher...the mother becomes a bit concerned.

8. Girls Be Like...

This little boy has a hilarious take on how girls take photos, along with their workout swag. How can someone so young be so wise?!

9. "If You Got A Boyfriend...Dump Him"

This funny little girl uses Dubsmash to express her true feelings about having a boyfriend on her mother's phone. I bet her mom got a huge laugh when she found this one!

10. "What's On Your Face?"

This video is just too funny! It looks like an older brother videotaped his younger brother putting a female menstrual pad on his face...thinking it was a sticker.

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