10 Homemade Versions of Childhood Classics

10 Homemade Versions of Childhood Classics

Remember your favorite childhood snacks? We're talking Twinkies, Snowballs, and Whoopie Pies... basically all those tasty goodies that mom used to pack in your lunch bag for recess snacking and after school indulging. If you were ever a fan of these childhood classics then it's time to get excited, because provided below are ten easy to follow recipes that will help you replicate those same nostalgic flavors in your very own kitchen. It's time to take a walk down memory lane!

Moon Pies

Two buttery cookies with marshmallow filling and a chocolate coating are the perfect sweet treat.

Find the recipe at Brown Eyed Baker

Hostess Twinkies

Nobody can turn down one of these golden pound cake Twinkies.

Find the recipe at Instructables.


These homemade Oreos use a vanilla bean paste to help make the filling.

Find the recipe at The Little Epicurian.

Nutter Butters

Get your peanut butter fill with some of these nutty treats.

Find the recipe at Chew Out Loud.

Mini Snowballs

Coated in marshmallow flakes, these snowballs have a perfectly sweet aftertaste.

Find the recipe at 100 Cafe Street.

Strawberry Fruit Rollups

These homemade fruit rollups are a healthy alternative to sugary snacks.

Find this recipe at Divas Can Cook.

Strawberry PopTarts

It's like dessert for breakfast, nothing wrong with that!

Find the recipe at Lark & Linen

Hostess Cupcakes

The distinct white frosting loops are sure to bring back fond memories.

Find this recipe at 52 Kitchen Adventures

Mini Powdered Donuts

Yes, you're covered with powdered sugar after eating them, but it's all worth it.

Find the recipe at Life Made Simple Bakes

Hostess Ho Hos

Cream filling is rolled up in a thin brownie then coated with chocolate ganache.

Find the recipe at Sprinkled Side Up

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