10 Unique Gifts For Travel Lovers

10 Unique Gifts For Travel Lovers

Are you shopping for that one friend or family member that travels more than you anyone you know? Travel lovers love unique gifts and items that they can use on the daily! They may not be interested in that new smoothie maker or that new toaster oven because they may have their eyes set on their next getaway. If you want to get them something they can use on the go, try thinking of things they can carry in their suitcase. We created a list of 10 gift ideas to get a travel lover. Take a look!

1. Passport Holder

Travel lovers have their passports out all the time. Purchase them a unique passport holder so even their passport can travel in style.

Photo and item found @ Etsy: Aloha Custom Covers

Buy for $20.00+

2. Scratch Map

Gift a scratch map to a travel lover so they can keep track of where they have been. This is an adorable wall decoration as well. Scratch off where you've been, and know where you still have to go!

Photo and item found @ uncommon goods

Buy for $28.95

3. Travel Journal

Find an unique travel journal to help inspire some travel writing. Many travelers spend hours reading or writing on the train or airplane.

Photo and item found @ Made

Buy for $34.00

4. Bracelet

These adorable bracelets will remind your travel lover of their wanderlust! Purchase them this meaningful piece of jewelry and let them know you understand how important travel is to them.

Photo and item found @ Etsy: The Mindful Manatee

Buy for $20.00

5. Stylish CrossWord Puzzle Book

Just like reading and writing, travel lovers also love crosswords. This stylish crossword book is the perfect gift for a frequent traveler.

Photo and item found @ Amazon

Buy for $7.99

6. GoPro- HERO 4 Session

Does your travel friend like to document their journeys? The GoPro is a perfect way to document awesome hikes and adventures. This travel action camera is portable and easy to use.

Photo and item found @ GoPro

Buy for $199.99

7. Jewelry Roll Bag

Jewelry can get very tangled when you are traveling with a suitcase. This jewelry bag helps keep everything organized and is perfect for someone who travels often.

Photo and item found @ Etsy: CherylThimbleFingers

Buy for $22.00

8. Portable Battery Charger

Phones and camera are always going dead on the go! Giving a back up is the perfect gift for a travel lover who may not have time to charge their phone as often as they wish.

Photo and Item found @ Amazon

Buy for $9.99

9. Rain Boots

No matter the weather, travel lovers will be exploring! Give the gift of dry feet to your traveling friend.

Photo and Item found @ DSW

Kamik Olivia Rain Boot: Buy for $44.95

10. Ticket Stub Diary

One hard part of traveling is remembering all that you did! A ticket stub diary is a way to make that easier. Store all your memories in one book.

Item and Photo found @ Modcloth

Buy for $14.99

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