10 Ways to Inspire Others Around You

10 Ways to Inspire Others Around You

Source: Ian Schneider

It's easy to find inspiration in the things and people around us. A particularly beautiful sight, a life-affirming magazine article, or a particularly helpful personal encounter can fill us with the perfect amount of inspiration we need to do something good and pass the sentiment on to other people. On the other hand, helping shape and change the lives of others for the better is always a noble cause. Being an inspiration to others takes time, effort, dedication, and a lot of self-awareness, but it's always worth it.

Be Authentic

As cliche as it sounds, staying true to your authentic self is one of the most important rules for inspiring others. Embrace all of the things that make you unique and special, always seek to better and be true to yourself above all else, and others will recognize your authenticity and look to you as an example.

Challenge Others

A large part of inspiring others is challenging the people around you to do their best. You, yourself should be an example, always looking to better yourself and excel at everything you try. You should always be understanding and compassionate but set standards for yourself and others high.

Humble Yourself

While it is important to instill confidence in yourself and in others, showing humility is also a large part of inspiring other people. Never present yourself as better or above any other person and be sure to remain as judgement-free as possible.

Care Deeply

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Foster genuine care and concern for the people around you, take the time to talk to them about their problems, hopes, and aspirations. Ask them questions about their lives, give good advice, show them how much you care for them by treating them with respect and integrity. All of these things lead to amazing and inspiring relationships.

Actively Listen

Being able to actively listen to others is, not only a huge part of being able to inspire others, but a huge part of growing up as well. Always consider others' opinions and viewpoints and treat them with the respect that they deserve.

Exude Confidence

Always try your hardest to be as sure of yourself as possible, let confidence exude in every part of your life. While you should always be careful not to seem full of yourself, being confident in yourself and your abilities shows great maturity.

Be an Encouraging Presence

You should always seek to build others up with words of encouragement and positive affirmations. Be there to support people when they need it and show others that you care with your words and actions.

Speak Up

Never be afraid to stand up for what you believe in; whether those things involve politics or social issues, be passionate about the things you care about. Speak extensively on topics that are close to your heart and watch others use you as an inspiration to do the same.

Accept your Flaws

It is imperative that you recognize and seek to rectify your flaws and mistakes, these things are a part of life that no human can escape, it is important that you do not encourage people to idolize you, but learn from your mistakes and triumphs, instead. Admitting the flawed nature of your humanity allows other to see you for who you truly are, and admire that.

Stay Positive

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Keep a positive outlook on life. While it may be impossible to exude feelings of positivity constantly, having a generally optimistic outlook on life shines through in everything that you do. Others will feel inspired and happy to be in your presence and seek to pass that level of positivity on to other people.

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