10 Whipped Cream Layer Cakes

10 Whipped Cream Layer Cakes

Whipped cream is delicious. It's full of fat and sugar which means it's full of flavor. When made properly it has a fluffy and light texture. Whipped cream is used as a topping and filling for many desserts like sundaes and cupcakes. It is also a great topping for hot chocolate and coffee. If you can't tell already, it's pretty versatile. Incorporating whipped cream into your desserts will add some so many layers of airy sweetness. These cakes take this perfectly light and fluffy ingredient and build it into the cakes themselves creating creamy and fluffy layers.

Fresh Berry Vanilla Layered Cake

A sweet spongey cake layered with whipped cream, strawberry puree, blueberry puree and fresh berries is always a classic.

Find this recipe at Life, Love & Sugar.

Chocolate With Chocolate Whipped Cream Frosting

A triple layer chocolate cake gets a jolt with the addition of instant coffee. The simple whipped cream is made with heavy cream, chocolate and sugar making a surprisingly light sweet.

Find this recipe at Butterlust Blog.

Tuxedo Cake

A double layer, rich chocolate cake with a think whipped cream layer and a dark chocolate ganache on top is like a gourmet version of your favorite childhood snack cake.

Find this recipe at Eat In Eat Out.

Fresh Strawberry Cake

A sweet vanilla cake layered with whipped strawberry cream thickened with cream cheese, is a nice twist on the classic strawberry shortcake.

Find this recipe at Yellow Bliss Road.

Black Forest Cake

Chocolate cake is layered with cherry liqueur infused whipped cream frosting and is then garnished with chocolate shavings and fresh cherries.

Find this recipe at Natasha's Kitchen.

Gingerbread Layer Cake

Gingerbread cake flavored with stout and molasses, is layered with a mascarpone whipped cream and topped with beautiful candied cranberries.

Find this recipe at Smitten Kitchen.

Banana Split Cake

Chocolate and banana cake is layered with whipped cream, strawberries and pineapple in this cake version of the sundae staple.

Find this recipe at Shugary Sweets.

Pavlova With Red Wine Cherry Compote & Mascarpone Whipped Cream

Traditional Pavlova layered with mascarpone whipped cream and a cherry compote made with red wine, lemon and vanilla is a truly a sweet dream.

Find this recipe at Cooks With Cocktails.

Pistachio Layer Cake With Orange Cream Frosting

Layers of pistachio cake is perfectly complemented by whipped cream flavored with orange.

Find this recipe at Culinary Ginger.

Coconut And Espresso Cream Layer Cake

Coconut sugar and cream of coconut sweeten this cake, that is layered with whipped cream is flavored with espresso.

Find this recipe at Serious Eats.

Which of these layer cakes will you make first?

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