12 Gourmet Popcorn Balls You Gotta Try

12 Gourmet Popcorn Balls You Gotta Try

Popcorn is my one I could eat it forever snack. There's just something about the smell of freshly popped popcorn that makes me instantly excited. I love salted, buttered, sugared, and even caramel popcorn. Just when you think you know everything about one particular snack, you find out there is a whole other world out there. Today that world is called: popcorn balls. Take a look at this amazing list of gourmet popcorn balls and get ready to spice up your popcorn skills.

1. Maple Bacon Popcorn Balls

For all you bacon lovers out there, you must try this! Bacon, maple syrup, and popcorn all together in one amazing ball of goodness! I'm ready to head into the kitchen as I type this.

Find the recipe at This Mama Loves.

2. Marshmallow Peppermint Crunch Popcorn Ball Pops

Peppermint crunch mixed in with the crunch of fresh popcorn AND served on a stick! I'm getting excited thinking about how great this is going to taste!

Find the recipe at Mom On Time Out.

3. Hot Cocoa Popcorn Balls

This recipe is a great winter snack. Like most popcorn balls, these are easy to make and make a big batch. Curl up next to the fireplace with some hot cocoa popcorn balls.

Find the recipe at Mess for Less.

4. Molasses Popcorn Balls

I'm a huge molasses fan so when I saw these popcorn balls I got really excited. They are described as "cracker-jackish" because of the peanuts that are throughout each ball. I'm sure you know they will taste just as amazing as they look.

Find the recipe at Gourmandistan.

5. S'mores Popcorn Balls

These s'mores popcorn balls are the perfect way to bring the campout inside! Who needs a fire when you can have these amazing popcorn balls?!

Find the recipe at I Heart Eating.

6. Oreo Popcorn Balls

Every gourmet dessert needs an Oreo flavor. These are mouth watering delicious, especially if you are a huge Oreo fan.

Find the recipe at It Is A Keeper.

7. Toffee Pecan Popcorn Balls With Chocolate Drizzle

This play on the classic toffee pecan flavors is an awesome way to enjoy popcorn. You'll love the taste of the chocolate drizzle on top as well!

Find the recipe at A Spicy Perspective.

8. Coconut Curry Popcorn Balls

Popcorn balls don't always have to be super sweet! Try these to curb your savory cravings.

Find the recipe at Daily Burn.

9. Bite Sized Peanut Butter Popcorn Balls

Bite sized + peanut butter = the perfect way to enjoy a popcorn ball. Be careful not to eat too many of these addictive sweets!

Find the recipe at Spoon Fork Bacon.

10. Chocolate Covered Caramel Popcorn Balls

These decadent chocolate covered caramel popcorn balls get a sugar boost with the addition of sprinkles.

Find the recipe at Diethood.

11. Chewy Caramel Apple Popcorn Balls

The caramel apple popcorn ball gives an alternative to an actual candy apple.

Find the recipe at Today's Mama

12. Pumpkin Popcorn Balls

Calling all pumpkin fanatics! These popcorn balls are perfect for the fall season, but taste AMAZING year round.

Find the recipe at What's Cooking Love

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