13 Hacks for Gorgeous Flower Arrangements

13 Hacks for Gorgeous Flower Arrangements

Nothing brightens up a space like flowers, but it's hard to create picture-perfect bouquets at home. Sometimes, you need a little help from the experts. Forget buying bunches of carnations at the supermarket - these tips for beautiful DIY flower arrangements will inspire you to start building bouquets of your own.

Start by just arranging the greens.

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Cut flower stems at a 45 degree angle under warm running water to keep the blooms fresh.

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Make a simple tape grid to separate flower stems in the vase.

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You can convert even the ugliest grocery store bunch into a beautiful bouquet by separating the flowers into a rainbow.

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Hold the bouquet loosely in one hand and rotate it so you can see the flowers from all angles. Add and subtract stems as necessary.

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Submerge your favorite flowers in a cylindrical vases for a pretty, modern look.

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Arrange short-stemmed flowers in a teacup.

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Give structure and weight to branch bouquets using clear marbles at the bottom of the vase.

Want to use a wide vase without loosing your bouquet's structure? Try spiraling the stems.

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This fall, ditch the vase and use a pumpkin.

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Keep it simple: one vase, one bud.

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Select flowers that fit the shape of your vase.

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Use vintage vessels instead of traditional vases for an unforgettable arrangement.

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