15 Adorable Deer Bento

Deer Bento Adorable Food

Deer are such sweet creatures. The world's favorite deer are Bambi and Rudolph, which are both featured in this list! Incredibly innocent and adorable, they make lunch time so much fun! Using rice molding techniques, stamps and edible inks, these food artists and moms were really able to make these bento meals come to life! As a kid, it's purely entertaining and a definite motivator to eat healthy. As an adult, it's nostalgic and also motivating to eat healthy, if you dare eat it at all! They're almost too cute!

Source: Little Miss Bento

Source: Lunchbox Awesome

Source: Ameblo

Source: A Pocket Full of Buttons

Source: Leuke Lunch Box

Source: Eclectic Lamb

Source: Happy Little Bento

Source: Little Miss Bento

Source: Sabasucafe

Source: Rabbit Can Cook

Source: Sakuran

Source: Cute Food for Kids

Source: Momo

Source: Carlos Vivian

Source: Little Miss Bento

Is this something you would do for yourself or your family? Also, above, did you spot one of your favorite characters dressed up as a reindeer?

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