15 Amazing "A Day at the Zoo" Cakes & Bakes

15 Amazing "A Day at the Zoo" Cakes & Bakes

A day at the zoo is a great childhood memory that will never get old. Seeing a variety of animals from all over the world is a special experience for any kid at any age. Now, parties are bringing the zoo home with a zoo themed party for their little one's birthday. There are plenty of decor, props, and especially cakes that can pull this whole theme together and make your kid's birthday party a hit and one to remember. Here are some of our favorite cakes and bakes that all of your guests will go wild for.

Cake design by: Party Cakes

Cake design by: Couture Cakery

Cake design by: Freubelmuisje

Cake design by: Lumika

Cake design by: Cherry Red Cake

Cake design by: Sweet Grace

Cookie design by: Sweet Sugar Belle

Cookie design by: Funky Cookie Studio

Cake pop design by: Cakes by Suzi

Cupcake design by: Wicked Goodies

Cake design by: Hot Mama's Cakes

Cake design by: Bella's Bakery

Cake design by: Buffalo Cake Pops

Cupcake design by: Trophy Cupcakes

Cake design by: Bake-a-Boo

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