15 Cotton Candy Inspired Desserts You Can Make at Home

15 Cotton Candy Inspired Desserts You Can Make at Home

While cotton candy may be one of the stickiest ways to enjoy dessert, it doesn't have to be. That beloved cotton candy flavor is actually super versatile when it comes to making desserts. From milkshakes and cupcakes to fudge and candy apples, don't let your cotton candy craving stop at a stick. Pull out the pink, purple, and blue food coloring, because it's time to take a look at some extraordinary cotton candy inspired desserts. Forget the state fair, you can make these treats in your own kitchen!

Cotton Candy Cookiewich

We found this at Buzzfeed Community.

Cotton Candy Fudge

We found this at Bitz & Giggles.

Pink Cotton Candy Cupcakes

We found this at Layer Cake Shop.

Homemade Cotton Candy

We found this at Goddess Life.

Cotton Candy Cake Cookies

We found this at Mama Miss.

Cotton Candy Cake

We found this at The Celebration Society.

Cotton Candy Rice Crispy Treats

We found this at Tips from a Typical Mom Blog.

Pastel Swirl Cotton Candy Apples

We found this at Foodista.

Cotton Candy Milkshake

We found this at Bite Me More.

Cotton Candy Puppy Chow

We found this at Sweet as a Cookie.

Cotton Candy Popsicle

We found this at Radiation.

Cotton Candy Whoopie Pies

We found this at Inside Bru Crew Life.

Jenna Rae Cakes

We found this at The Cake Blog.

Cotton Candy Meringues

We found this at The Domestic Rebel.

Cotton Candy Frozen Yogurt

We found this at i heart nap time.

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