15 Cute Puppy Themed Desserts

15 Cute Puppy Themed Desserts

If you're anything like us, you just laugh at restaurant servers who tell you to "save room for dessert". Like that wasn't the reason you're at this restaurant in the first place--hilarious! But why settle for desserts that are just delicious, when you can have desserts that are also adorable? Since it doesn't get much cuter than puppies, we've found some incredibly cute, puppy-themed desserts for you to drool over.

Puppy Mousse Cups

Source: Naver

Puppy Pancakes

Source: Milk Lotus

Adorable Chocolate Puppy Cupcakes

Source: Cupcakeapedia

Puppy Cupcakes

Source: Pinterest

Chocolate And Vanilla Dog Cake

Source: Martha Stewart

Awesome Animal Face Carrot Cupcakes

Source: Cupcakeapedia

Puppy Love Cupcakes

Source: Hungry Happenings

Chocolate Gingerbread Puppy Cookies

Source: Deviant Art

Puppy Cake Pops

Source: Kenya's Cake Pops

Puppy Cookes

Source: Chocorango

Pink Puppy Cookies

Amanda's Custom Cakes

Puppy Cakes

Source: Cake Power

Puppy Dog Cupcakes

Source: Seriously Awesome Bakery

Puppy Rolls

Source: Pinterest

Puppy Cookies

Source: Little Miss Bento

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