15 Fabulous Makeup Inspired Cookies

15 Fabulous Makeup Inspired Cookies

We've all seen the image of a baker with flour all over their face, but, hey! Bakers can also have a little bit of makeup on under all that mess. So put your best face and cookie forward with these "oh so" fabulous makeup-inspired cookies, that are almost too pretty to eat!

Design by sweetambs

Design by cookiesbysandra

Design by CeCe

Design by Kim Coleman (Sugar Rush Custom Cookies)

Design by The Wonder Cake

Design by theartofthecookie

Design by flourboxbakery

Design by

Design by sugardotcookies

Design by mysweetambitions

Design by Eline's

Design by ohsugarevent

Design by

Design by Sweet Cheeks Sugar Boutique

Design by scrumdiddlyumptious

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