15 Gorgeous Japanese Inspired Cupcakes

15 Gorgeous Japanese Inspired Cupcakes

The Japanese culture has been around for a very long time so they developed some really aesthetic food, and we are so glad that they extended their art and ideas to cupcakes. From designs that look like sushi, to cartoon characters, and to beautifully traditional flowers, fans and geishas, we are sweet on Japanese-inspired cupcakes! Here's some of our favorites.

Design by Shams D

Design by Cecilia Cecilia

Design by Lynlee

Design by Kawaii Chibiyuki

Design by Staniec

Design by Carolinei

Design by Jill's Sugar Collection on Flickr

Design by Sweet Mary Cupcakes

Design by Cake Therapy on Facebook

Design by Cupcake Delights on Facebook

Design by Makis Cakes

Design by Bake-n-Bite

Design by Celebrate-With-Cake

Design by Dolce

Design by Ana Fuji

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