15 Inspiring Art-Centric Instagram Accounts to Follow

15 Inspiring Art-Centric Instagram Accounts to Follow
Alex Holyoake

Art is a universal language, one that has the ability to speak to millions of people, in thousands of places, from tons of different backgrounds. Paintings, photography, design, art, no matter the medium, has a way of bringing people closer to themselves as well as other people with only a look. While many of us may not get the chance to experience as much art as we'd like, the digital age definitely has our backs. Social media sites like Instagram offer us a view of the art world that we rarely get to see. Visit world- renowned galleries from your desk, keep up to date with your favorite design geniuses from the comfort of your bed. These art-centric Instagram accounts might just change your life. 

1. @museumbabes

2. cyrcle

3. @hattiestewart

4. obia_thethird

5. @happymundane

6. @kindahkhalidy

7. @noeltheartist

8. @guimtio

9. @qwertycrab

10. @alejandrorobledomejia

11. @lilystockman

12. @bernulia

13. @macenzo

14. @pinkedmatter

15. @artposer

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