15 Little Twin Stars Inspired Treats

Little Twin Stars Treats Inspired

Little twin stars are the cutest twins you'll ever see! Not only are they adorable, but they make the most kawaii treats you'll ever see. From macarons to wedding cakes, they fit all sorts of occasions, as long as you're in the mood to go "Aww!" Their pastel colors end up giving these sweets a beyond cute and innocent feel and you'd probably feel guilty about eating them, but don't, because every single one of these was made for enjoyment. A lot of skill went into making these. They were probably pretty tasty too!

Source: Mochi Maka

Source: Little Miss Bento

Source: Craftsy

Source: Kimberly Dawn Cakes

Source: Ameblo

Source: Citrus and Orange

Source: Icing Land

Source: Sweetie Neko

Source: Yumi Castrillo

Source: It’s Cherry’s Cakes

Source: Mel Stringer

Source: Cute Smile

Source: She Mom

Source: Petite Fille By JJ

Source: Ameblo

Do you think you'll ever try to make something like this? Who are your favorite twins?

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