15 of the Coolest Graffiti Cakes Ever

15 of the Coolest Graffiti Cakes Ever
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Just looking at these amazing cakes may put the theme song to the "Fresh Prince of Bel Air" in your head. Cake airbrushing is an art with no boundaries and some would say the same thing about graffiti. Here are some colorful examples of creative graffiti cake designs. Whether the artist wanted a vibrant tribute to hip-hop culture of the 80's or just a fun new technique to master with an airbrush, these designs will get you beat boxing in the kitchen in no time.

Design by Sugar and Spice

Design by The Sugarplum Bakehouse

Design by Crafty Mummy's Cakes

Design by Sweet Foxylicious

Design by Cake This

Design by g0oner

Design by Vanessa

Design bySugar Bliss

Design by Oakleaf Cakes

Design by Shereen's Cakes and Bakes

Design byDaisy Lane Cakes

Design by Njonja

Design by Brighton Cakes

Design by Cake Suite

Design by Share a Cake

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