15 of the Cutest Cakes and Bakes with Bows

15 of the Cutest Cakes and Bakes with Bows

"Pretty please with a cherry on top" is the way the saying goes but a bow is prettier. All desserts need a little something for finishing touches and what better way to finish a pretty sweet than a bow? Here are some of the sweetest cakes and bakes you'll ever see, with a bow on top of course.

Source: Beautiful Cake Pictures

Source: Cupcakepedia

Source:Lilikoi Joy

Source: Just Call Me Martha


Source: Make Me My Cake

by Velocity Girl - Christina Børding, via Flickr

Source: Velocity Girl

Source: Cakes Key Art Studio

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Source: Objetivo Cupcake

Source: Sugar Dot Cookies

Source: Katrina Liem


Source: Sophie Toffee

Source: Sugar Ruffles

Source: My Sweet and Saucy

Source: Sweet Bakes

Source: The Clever Little Cupcake Company

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