15 Super Adorable Hello Kitty Foods

Hello Kitty Foods

Everyone's favorite kitty just got a lot more delicious! Eating food that's equal parts delicious and adorable just adds to the overall awesome experience. Cakes, cookies, sushi, you name it and there's probably a version featuring Hello Kitty floating around somewhere. It doesn't matter if you need a few sweet treats for a special party or you just want to make tonight's dinner a little more adorable, these Hello Kitty inspired foods are perfect for any occasion.

Hello Kitty Cake

Source: I Heart Baking

Hello Kitty Oatmeal

Source: 5am Bento

Hello Kitty Macarons

Source: Java Cupcake

Hello Kitty Dim Sum

Source: JetsoClub

Hello Kitty Noodles

Source: 5am Bento

Hello Kitty Poptarts

Source: POPSUGAR/KawaiiSweetWorld

Hello Kitty Pudding

Source: Bonita Food

Hello Kitty Sandwich Rolls

Source: Bento Monsters

Hello Kitty Cake Pops

Source: Bakerella

Hello Kitty Hand Roll Sushi

Source: Little Miss Bento

Hello Kitty Cookies

Source: Sweet Sugar Belle

Hello Kitty Pizza

Source: Mundo Kitty

Hello Kitty Cake Roll

Source: Daily Delicious

Hello Kitty Burger

Source: Tabitabi Taipei

Hello Kitty Pavlova

Source: I Heart Baking

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