15 Sweet Gingerbread House Cakes

15 Sweet Gingerbread House Cakes

When it comes to Christmas, Santa's elves aren't the only one's building. We ourselves are doing a little building of our own as we build snowman's and snow forts outside and indoors we build dessert tables, cakes and gingerbread houses. However, no matter what we build it always turns out sweet, just like these Gingerbread House cakes.

Createdy by: Studio Cake

Created by: makemestudio

Created by:Zoe Clark Cakes

Created by: Frauline Klein

Created by: Rose Bakes

Created by: Megan

Created b: Heather

Created by: culpittcakeclub

Created by: ZoeteVerleiding

Created b: DAV81

Created by: nancyBee

Created by: idocakes123

Created by: calamity_clair

Created by: sweetendulgence

Created by: Happy Meal Time

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