15 Totally Sweet Tea Party Themed Cakes

15 Totally Sweet Tea Party Themed Cakes

The one thing I love most about cake, aside from the fact it's delicious, is the fact that it really has its own personality. It can be made into a variety of shapes with different flavors and has a way of recalling our childhood. Before there was the baker some of us have turned into, there was the little girl that always dressed up and had tea parties; a whimsical delight. And while we may have grown up, those moments are stuck with us. Well, rejoice! Tea parties aren't just for little girls anymore, which means you can relive all those magical moments from your childhood as an adult. So get ready to break out the fine china and unleash your inner child with these beautiful tea party themed cakes!

Jasmine Way Blog

Cake Central / Cake by Niceicing

Flickr by FancyThatCake

Becu / Cake by Palermo Bakery

We Heart It

Rock My Wedding / Cake by Sheona of Cake Matters

Bobbette & Belle

Katy Bakey

Amarantos Cakes

Delana's Cakes

Cake Journal by Cakegirls

Always With Cake

Cake Central / Cake by My Cafe Ani Boland

Sadie May Cakes

Love My Dress / Cake by Jude Stevens of Sugarcube

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