15 Totoro Cakes And Bakes

15 Totoro Cakes And Bakes

This gallery of Totoro cakes and bakes show that when you're inspired, there's no limit to your creativity. These cakes, pops, tarts, macarons and cookies are truly as incredible as they are cute.

Totoro Tarts

Totoro Cookies

Found on Nikkiikkin

Totoro Cake

Found on Coco Cake Land

Totoro Cake Pops

Found on bakerella.com.

Hand Painted Totoro Cookies

Found on debisalwaysthinking.blogspot.com.

Totoro Macarons

Found on redhousecookiesen.blogspot.com.

Totoro Roll Cakes

Found on isatv.com.

Totoro Creme Puffs

Found on iamafoodblog.com.

Totoro Donuts

Found on youtube.com.

Totoro Pop Tarts

Found on thatsnerdalicious.com.

Totoro Cake Bite

Found on cutetravels.com.

Totoro Steam Cakes

Found on littlemissbento.com.

Totoro Cupcakes

Found on fbcdn-sphotos-a.akamaihd.net.

Totoro Cake Of Love and Smiles

Found at sakurakate.deviantart.com.

Totoro Layered Rainbow Cake

Found on dennia.deviantart.com.

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