15 Totoro Plush Dolls Worth Collecting

15 Totoro Plush Dolls Worth Collecting

If you're a fan of Studio Ghibli and the magical little creature that is Totoro, then these fifteen plush dolls are going to have you bubbling in your seat. From hand-knitted projects to giant Totoro pillows, each and every one of these plush dolls has something unique and special to offer. Get out a pencil and paper, because it's time to start adding to your wish list, and we've got fifteen items below that we know will top it!

Buy it here: CrisCrossCrafts/Etsy

Buy it here: DHgate

Buy it here: Mage Toy

Buy it here: Jet

Buy it here: SaoZenPlush/Etsy

Buy it here: CrochetFromKatie/Etsy

Buy it here: Atomic Empire

Buy it here: ShrewdMagpie/Etsy

Buy it here: TamashiOhana/Etsy

Buy it here: LadyDustBunny/Etsy

Buy it here: OrientMoon

Buy it here: skazkodrom/Etsy

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Buy it here: BarbaraCreazioni/Etsy

Buy it here: HappyAkindo/Etsy

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