4 Tips For Making Your Resolutions Stick

4 Tips For Making Your Resolutions Stick

Do you find yourself making resolutions on the 1st of the year, only to find yourself in a rut by March, unsure of how the time passed so quickly with little to no work done towards your dreams? No shame, it happens to us all, but with these four you'll be on your way to breaking that cycle and making your resolutions a reality this year!

1. Write them down!

I can't emphasize this one enough! Write them down everywhere. Put them on post-its in your bedroom and in your workspace. Make a big poster that you see everyday with them written boldly. Scrawl those dreams all over the pages of your journal like they're your first name and your 6th grade crush's last name. The more you see them, the more you'll be motivated to make them a reality

2. Keep them short and sweet.

Instead of making vague, grand statements about what you'd like to accomplish by the end of the year, try working backwards and filling in all the little baby steps that it will take to achieve your big dream. For example, let's say your goal is travel abroad this year. Instead of writing down "travel to South Africa," think of everything that will need to happen in order to get to the step where you're booking that plane ticket and an Air BnB. If money is what's stopping you, budget out how much your trip will cost, and then make a weekly savings goal to set aside money for your big trip. The goal is now whittled down and specific: "Save X amount of money each week to put into my travel fund." Breaking down your big goal into tiny pieces will not only make it more manageable, but will also give you the little endorphin boost of accomplishment each time time you tick off one of your steps.

3. Enlist a buddy.

Getting your friends, family members or partner on board with your plan can be a key component to sticking to your resolutions this year. Having social pressure will keep you in check, and having someone along for your ride will keep you motivated to make it happen together! Make sure that this is someone you can trust to be real with you, and someone who will push you to stay true to your goals on the days when you'd rather not. If you and your BFF's resolution is to start working out more, sit down and map out your workout schedule together, and make a shared digital calendar. You'll both be on the same page, and you'll both be able to hold each other accountable, giving each other just the boost you might need to keep up the good work on days that you'd normally opt out if you were working on your own.

4. Set up a net to catch you.

Setting up an event in the future that will require you to have done some training toward your goal will help you keep a focused eye on the prize. If your resolution is to get in shape, sign up for a 5K four months down the line! Want to get over your fear of playing your songs in public this year? Set up an open mic night a few months from now! Your resolution now has a tangible test attached to it, and not one that you can cram for the night before. This goes right along with working backwards from the big dream- once you've set up something to work towards, you can fill in your schedule leading up to it with all of the little steps -workouts, practice sessions, etc-that will help you succeed on your big day.

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