5 Common Dreams and What They Mean

5 Common Dreams and What They Mean
Jennifer Louington

Dreaming is an important part of our daily existence and a wonderful way to check in with our subconscious. Most of us cannot control our own dreams so it is always a curious thing to do to wonder about what our dreams really mean. There are certainly some dreams we have probably all had at one time or another and though most psychologists don't 100% agree on what they should be interpreted to mean, there is some consensus among experts. Here are 5 of the most common dreams and what they supposedly stand for.

1. Falling

Image: Third Monk

If you are having major problems at work, at home, or in your relationships you may find yourself having recurrent falling dreams. Sometimes these dreams even jolt you awake, signifying your need to deal with these issues so you can actually move on with your life.

2. Being Paralyzed

Image: Youtube

When you are dreaming, you are in a type of paralysis state. This is so your body is not actually performing the moves you are dreaming about in bed. This unconscious acknowledgement of being paralyzed is an overlap of the REM stage and waking stage of sleep.

3. Public Nudity

Image: Flyy Girl Etiquette

If you find yourself standing in the middle of a city street sans clothes, you may feel vulnerable and exposed. This may mean you are experiencing a real life situation that makes you feel embarrassed or uncomfortable. Conversely, if you feel no shame standing naked in public, you may crave attention or exposure for something you did.

4. Dying

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No one wants to have a dream about death, but this common dream isn't necessarily about biting the dust. It may mean you are ready to terminate a relationship, a work situation or something from your past, which can be a positive thing that is more akin to a fresh start than anything else.

5. Flying

Image: Teach Free Speech

Dreaming about flying supposedly has a direct correlation with the amount of control we feel we are having over our lives. If you are able to swoop and soar in your dreams, you must feel you are in charge of your life's direction. If you are shaky, low to the ground, and out of control, these actions mirror your relationship with the control you have over your life.

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