5 GREAT Reasons to Sleep Naked

5 GREAT Reasons to Sleep Naked
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Are you the kind of person who only gets naked, in bed, for one reason? We hear you. Out of all of the reasons why you could, or should, sex would be #1 on the list. But did you know that aside from intimacy reasons, there are all sorts of advantages that come from sleeping naked every night?

If you’ve never done it before, we won’t lie. It will probably take you a couple of nights to get used to it. But if you read these lists of benefits and then give it a try, we guarantee that sleeping in your PJs will soon be a thing of the past. (Or at least something that you wait to do during the colder seasons.)

1. It supports skin health

Source: Kiecho.Tumblr.

If you’re someone who sweats during your sleep, then going naked is an absolute must! Since our bodies are restricted by our clothing and underwear so much throughout the day, our skin can become damp. That can make it a breeding ground for all sorts of fungus and infections including body odor, athlete’s foot and yeast infections. Sleeping in the nude gives your skin a chance to breathe and also decreases your chance of getting too hot at night. The natural air, all over, is healthy and comfortable too.

2. It balances your melatonin

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Have you ever wondered why sometimes you wake up in the middle of the night, wanting to kick the sheets off of you? Our body temperature changes throughout the evening. In order to feel calm and relaxed, it’s best to keep things at around 69-70 degrees. One way to do that is by sleeping without anything on. When you do, it balances your melatonin---a hormone that helps you to sleep more soundly.

3. It keeps your cortisol levels in check

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Cortisol is known as the “stress hormone”. It’s something we all have and need, but if it’s not kept in balance, it can lead to all sorts of anxiety and mood swings. If your body temperature hot at night, the cortisol in your system will naturally increase. That could lead to your stress levels being off the charts will into the next day. Sleeping naked is something you can do to keep your cortisol levels way down.

4. It lets all of you breathe

Source: robolikesitfit.tumblr.

If you share your bed with a man, get him to sleep naked too, especially if you’re trying to make a baby. It’s scientifically proven that when a man sleeps without any clothing, his testes are able to remain at a much cooler temperature. As for you, your sexual organs are naturally moist; that’s is a good thing. But too much of a good thing can lead to bacterial growth and yeast infections. Air in your vaginal area can keep these things from becoming a problem.

5. It improves your sex life

Source: unlockhislove

Nakedness is sexy. Period. When you and the one you love are in the bed with no clothes on, that its own aphrodisiac. The more sex you have, the healthier you are. That’s because sex boosts immunity, is an awesome form of exercise, burns calories, reduces pain and brings partners closer together. Doesn’t that make you want to toss out all your pajamas? We thought so.

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