5 Hair Trends That Are Great for 'Bad Hair Days'

5 Hair Trends That Are Great for 'Bad Hair Days'
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No matter how well you take care of your hair, you can still end up with what are known as “bad hair days”. It might be due to the humidity outside, the lack of time that you have to put into styling it, or it could be that no matter how hard you try, nothing seems to be falling quite right.

Bad hair days are enough to put a frown on any woman’s face. Understandably so. But there is a silver lining and it’s the fact that some of hair’s hottest trends are actually the best solutions to un-tamable tresses. We’ve got five for you right here.

1. Slicked back

Source: Brit Morin

All women with no time to dry their hair rejoice! One of the hottest hair trends going right now is the wet and slicked back look! We’ll be honest with you: If your hair has a natural wavy or curly pattern, it’s not going to look quite as sleek and modern as it will if your hair is straight. But if you’ve got some mouse and a wide-tooth comb, this is something that you should definitely consider trying. Just to see how much you like it.

2. High ponytail

Source: Lively

If you have long hair and you don’t feel like putting a lot of energy into it, pull it into a ponytail. Only this season, don’t have it sit in the middle of your head or even the nape of your neck. These days, the higher the ponytail the better. Think I Dream of Jeannie and you’ll be all good.

3. Messy bun with side braid

Source: Bloglovin'

Buns have been and always will be a go-to look on a good or bad hair day. But if you want to look like you follow all of the top fashion blogs, make sure that your bun is “messy” (teased some). To add some personality to it, think about adding a side braid or a fishtail braid from the front of your head to where your messy bun starts.

4. Unique hair accessories

Source: Tumblr

Do you LOVE hair accessories? This season, the BIGGER, the BETTER! Not only that but the more creative, the better too. And that can always work in your favor on bad hair days because you can do things like wrap your hair up in a scarf, push it back with a wide headband or some cool metallic hair cuffs to style your ponytails or pigtails. Check out sites like Etsy for inspiration.

5. Braided updo

Source: Playbuzz

Braids, braids, and some more braids! You can’t get enough of them this season! Cornrows, braided updos, French braids, fishtails…you name it. Any time your hair doesn’t want to cooperate, put it into one (or several) braids and no one will ever have to know but you!

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