Meet 5 Women Changing The Restaurant Industry Worldwide

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Restaurants have typically been a man’s world…until now. Female owned restaurants are up 40% which is pretty amazing if we do say so. It’s not easy being a girl in a man’s world. It takes some fierceness and a special amount of oomph to tackle restauranteur-ing to begin with. Pile on the fact that you’re in the minority demographic and the hardships just keep coming. These 5 women are totally changing the face of the restaurant world one female at a time and we love them for it. 

Rachel Carr

Rachel is no stranger to opening restaurants. She started with Cru in Los Angeles, Six Main in Connecticut and Chavela in Hollywood. What makes her unique? Her focus on vegan and locally sourced food, and not your typical soy burgers. She concentrates on plant-based food which we know all of us need a little bit more of in our lives. You can read more about Rachel on her blog, The Raw & The Cooked.

Margarita Fores

We found this photo on: The World's 50 Best

Recently crowned Asia’s best female chef, Margarita Fores is no stranger to breaking barriers. She’s never had formal chef training. Instead she found her love of cooking while living in Italy. Margarita owns and operates several food related ventures including her restaurant Cibo, all while being mom. Pretty badass.

Suzanne Goin

This years Outstanding Chef James Beard award winner is Suzanne Goin. She’s been recognized by countless publications for her restaurants and her award winning cookbooks. Suzanne has also prepared meals for the president and first lady. Not only does she focus on making award winning food, she is passionate about children everywhere having access to healthy eats. Find out more about her here.

Joanne Chang 

Joanne Chang is responsible for Flour Baker & Cafe in Boston. She beat out oodles of competition to win Outstanding Baker in the James Beard awards for 2016. She’s also a Harvard graduate with a degree in Applied Math and Economics. That’s a lot to accomplish in a short amount of time. 

Dominique Crenn

We found this pic at: CNN

Dominique Crenn was just named World’s Best Female Chef. Although she’s now based on San Francisco her French roots are a huge part of her success. She runs a Michelin Star restaurant, Atelier Crenn, and styles her food with an artistic flare inspired by her artist father. Her menu is presented as a poem that tells a story, her restaurant is penned as "Poetic Culinaria." Creativity at it’s finest. 

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