5 Signs You Need to Take a Break from Dating

5 Signs You Need to Take a Break from Dating
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For those of us who are used to a lifestyle of either being in a relationship at all times or at least having a date set up for the future, the idea of taking a break from dating might seem far out, but it could be a solution to a lot of your dating problems. With the pressure from society to start dating and to keep on dating, it might seem unnatural to stop, but sometimes we just need a break -- especially if you're getting any of these signs!

It's Stressing You Out

If the idea of going out on a date is stressing you out more than anything -- and not in a healthy, excited "I wonder what I should wear" way but a legitimately unsettling stress level -- that's a big sign telling you it's time to take a break. The pressure to date can feel huge especially if you're older and if you've been single for a while, but don't let that societal pressure force you to do something you don't want to.
It's Not Fun Anymore
When the whole idea of dating seems tiresome to you or even boring, it might be time to quit it for at least a little while. Take some time off and come back to the dating sphere when it's fun and interesting to you again! If you're just not feeling up to the whole thing, it's perfectly fine to refocus for a little while -- put your efforts into work or art in the meantime!
You're Not Ready for a Relationship
A lot of people might be okay with today's hook up culture and going on dates with no intentions of anything lasting longer than a week, and that's fine! However, if you tend to feel more comfortable in relationships and you go on dates with the expectations of at least a second date, it might be wise to hit the pause button on dating during times when you're not ready for a relationship. While it might seem natural to say yes when someone asks you out, if you're freshly out of a relationship or in any other position where you don't feel you can get into a relationship, it's definitely time to take a break.

You're Not Invested Anymore

If your attitude towards dating has gotten to the point where it could work out or it could fall apart completely and it wouldn't make the slightest bit of difference to you, it might be time to quit it, because let's face it -- dating is by nature supposed to be emotional, so when your attitude towards your date is "I could take it or leave it," it might be time to just leave it.

It's Become Your Life

One of the biggest alarms telling you it's time to take a break is if you feel like dating has become your life. If you're to the point where all you want is to find love but you haven't accomplished anything lately outside of dating, it's definitely time to take a break and reevaluate. Of course, before you have any kind of fulfilling relationship, you have to assess your priorities and determine what's really important to you -- outside of dating!

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