5 Things All Successful Entrepreneurs Do Each Day

5 Things All Successful Entrepreneurs Do Each Day
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Several months ago, Inc. published an article entitled “The U.S. Now Has 27 Million Entrepreneurs”. That’s really impressive because that means there are millions of individuals who either have their own company, or have recently decided to start their own business. People are no longer using their gifts and talents to solely build other’s empires; they are putting those energies towards making their own dreams come true.

That’s not to say that all entrepreneurs are successful. There are also reports that as much as half of all businesses close their doors within five years of opening them. So, what is it that sets the prosperous businessperson apart from all of the rest? One thing is they have a daily system of operation.

Here are just some of the things that all successful entrepreneurs do each and every day.

1. Entrepreneurs eat breakfast.

Source: The Pioneer Woman

Sure entrepreneurs are busy, but they also know that if they don’t take proper care of themselves, that could affect their health and ultimately the bottom line. Working out, getting no less than six hours of sleep each night, and eating properly all help to fuel them for their day. This starts with eating breakfast. Having a meal in the morning gives you energy, helps you to concentrate better, and it keeps your metabolism going so that you can lose weight easier too. It’s the one meal that can’t be missed.

2. Entrepreneurs read positive quotes and affirmations.

Source: Elite Daily

You can just look at a news feed for five minutes and know there’s a lot of negativity in the world. Entrepreneurs don’t let that consume them, though. They are fully aware of the fact that a positive mind produces positive results. Aside from associating with positive people, many of them also surround their home and office space with positive quotes and affirmations. Ones that will remind them to look for silver linings and to keep their eyes on the prize.

3. Entrepreneurs check email only a few times a day (max).

Source: TIME

A couple of years ago, Huffington Post published an article stating that most people spend approximately 13 hours a week checking their email accounts. WOW. There is a lot that you could get accomplished in that same amount of time. Successful entrepreneurs don’t live to respond to phone notifications. They usually check emails in the morning before starting their day and in the evening before their work day comes to an end.

4. Entrepreneurs do "the hard stuff" first.

Source: Health

A successful entrepreneur also knows they can’t afford to procrastinate. They have to stay on top of all of the things that need to be done each day. This is why they create a to-do list. This is also why they discipline themselves to do the hard stuff (i.e., the things that require the most time or they like the least) first. When you have the more taxing things out of the way, doing the easier tasks feels like a cakewalk.

5. Entrepreneurs know the value of saying "yes" and "no".

Source: Black Enterprise

The old saying “You can’t please everyone” is really true. An entrepreneur knows this. While they try to take people’s needs and expectations into account, they know there is only so much time in each day. In order to reach certain goals, they have no problem saying “no” when necessary. Again, success is all about balance. Knowing what to agree to and what to step away from plays a significant role in being a truly successful entrepreneur.

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