5 Tips To Help You Stick To Your Goals

5 Tips To Help You Stick To Your Goals

Maybe you're training for a marathon or you've decided to pursue a life-long career dream, maybe you just want to learn how to bake the perfect cake! We all have goals and almost everyone can feel intimidated or overwhelmed when we first set out to achieve them. The good news is you can achieve your goal. Give yourself an edge by taking some steps to ensure persistence and maximum productivity, and most of all, peace of mind.

Tell A Friend

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Fill a close friend in on what your goal is so you can stay accountable to someone. Pick someone who can be honest with you if you feel yourself slipping, but more importantly, pick a friend who will lift your up and offer encouragement when you're feeling the struggle.

Break It Down

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Break down a goal into smaller steps and "mini goals" to take the pressure off accomplishing your big goal. The beginning of any journey can seem daunting and impossible at first, but when you write out a list of smaller tasks, accomplishing something big will be much more manageable.

Get Inspired

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Read up on how others accomplished their goals to remind yourself that you're not alone. The internet is a big place, someone out there has surely written a piece about you're going through! Reading about other people's experiences can put us at ease because it reminds us that we're all human. Another good way to stay inspired is to create a "vision" or "inspiration board." Tack up pictures or words on a board where you'll see it everyday that are personally inspiring to you.

Take A Day Off

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Cut yourself some slack, girl! You've been working hard to achieve your goal and deserve a chill day. Give yourself permission to set your goal aside for one day per week to let your brain and body recharge. Your mind will thank you!

Believe In Yourself

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Don't give up! Remember that you can achieve your goal, even when you're feeling "over it." You've put in the work and there's no point in turning back. All of the struggles you've faced along the way will only serve to prove to yourself that you can get through just about anything.

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