5 Ways to Make Work More Fulfilling this Year

5 Ways to Make Work More Fulfilling this Year
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Hands down, one of the absolute best things about the holiday season is the fact that you’re able to get at least a couple of days off from work. And hopefully during that time, you were able to grab a few moments for yourself to think about what you want. Not only in life in general, but from your job/career path as well. Being that you spend, on average, one-third or more of each day working, it needs to be something that truly fulfills you beyond receiving a paycheck, right?

If “work”, “satisfaction” and “purpose fulfillment” are not words that have ever really meshed well together for you, here are some things that can help to bring you a greater sense of clarity and happiness when it comes to your profession this year.

1. Ask yourself if your job brings you joy. If not, prepare your exit.

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Although a Gallup poll from a couple of years ago indicates that 70 percent of people hate their job, you don’t have to be one of them. As with relationships, there are going to be some great days and some not-so-great ones, even at the best places of employment. But overall, if you don’t wake up each morning with some sort of desire and joy about what you’ll be doing throughout the day, if you don't sense that you are growing and becoming a better person there and if you don’t feel like your gifts and talents are being used---plan to find another place to work by the end of the year. (This gives you several months to search for the right fit.)

2. Always be a "work student"

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Hopefully, your job has the kind of environment that offers training classes and “levels” of promotion; that way, you can feel like there’s opportunities to become more knowledgeable there. But if not, that doesn’t mean that you can’t still find other ways to learn more skills. An option that immediately comes to mind is the website Skillshare. For a really affordable fee, you can go on there and learn all sorts of things about writing, technology, business and more.

3. Set goals for moving forward in your career

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The saying is old, and true: “Fail to plan, plan to fail.” If you want to move up in ranks, make more money or totally transition into something other field, that’s only going to happen by you putting in the time, effort and energy. And the best motivator for making those investments happen is to have a set of goals in place. Definitely use these following weeks to write down some things that you would like to see happen in 3, 6, 9 and 12-month increments.

4. Celebrate your strides

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Reaching your goals is not something that’s going to happen overnight. That’s why in order to keep yourself inspired, it’s also a good idea to celebrate each milestone that you reach. Buy yourself a new purse. Get yourself a massage. Or even do something as simple as take an hour for yourself to sit in your bedroom with some candles and a bottle of wine in order to reflect. By patting yourself on the back along the way, it will help you to feel good about what you’re setting out to do and who you are overall.

5. Make it your livelihood, not your life.

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Just because you may spend 8+ hours at work, that doesn’t mean it needs to be all that you do, all of the time! A surefire way to find yourself running out of steam is to be so caught up in your work routine that you have little time for anything (or one) else. So yes, make the most out of work, but also resolve in your mind to make it your livelihood, but not your entire life.

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