6 Best Perez Hilton Feuds

6 Best Perez Hilton Feuds

Perez Hilton has definitely seen his fair share of feuds in his day, whether he was commenting on them or actively participating. He is definitely no stranger to a little catty drama. Hilton has gone head to head with a few huge Hollywood players but has somehow always managed to come out relatively unscathed. Here are 6 of our favorite Perez Hilton celebrity feuds. It's time to pick a side!

Perez vs. Lady Gaga

Source: Celebuzz

The feud between these two former friends began after Gaga accused Hilton of stalking her after he was looking to purchase an apartment in Gaga's building. The two went back and forth with accusations of continued stalking and "being poisoned by fame" before the fire fizzled out. There isn't much drama here anymore, but the two have yet to formally reconcile.

Perez vs. Miley Cyrus

Source: PopCrush

This epic battle mostly played out in interviews and online, but it was no less juicy. The animosity sparked when Hilton posted fake upskirt photos of a then underaged Miley, to which she quickly slammed him in an interview for. Hilton responded, stating that he was aware that the photos were fake, then proceeded to make accusations on Miley concerning her love life. The two called it quits shortly after that, with Miley being sure to get the last word.

Perez vs. wil.i.am

Source: ET Online

Spurred on by comments Perez had made about is former bandmate, Fergie in the past, Will.I.Am physically assaulted Perez at the MuchMusic awards, causing the blogger to publicly post photos of the aftermath of the altercation. It later came to light that Hilton threw homophobic slurs at the Black Eyed Peas member which ultimately resulted in the fight. The two eventually apologized after Perez withdrew his formal assault charges.

Perez vs. Jennifer Aniston

Source: ABC News

Jennifer Aniston definitely isn't one for fights, but it seems like Perez brought out a different side in her. Aniston confronted Hilton in a parking garage after learning of the hurtful things he said about her on his website. She allegedly asked him "Why are you so mean?", and while we don't know what happened from there, the two have since made up. At least somewhat.

Perez vs. Kesha

Source: ABC News

In another feud sparked by Perez's infamous website, popstar Kesha spoke out against Perez after discovering he had leaked a few personal photos of her, along with a particularly nasty comment, on his website. She is quoted saying, "He stands for everything I hate. Everything I'm against".

Perez vs. Jennifer Lawrence

Source: Breathe Cast

In another feud sparked by an invasion of privacy, Jennifer Lawrence publicly rebuked an apology Perez made to her after posting her leaked naked photos on his website. Hilton responded by defending his original apology, saying "F*ck you", then apologizing again. No word as to whether or not Lawrence accepted.

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