6 Books to Cozy Up With This Winter

6 Books to Cozy Up With This Winter

There is snow. There is colder weather. There are many days when you just want to stay inside with a cup of hot tea and sweatpants. Many people curl up with movies during winter, but there is something so heartwarming about getting lost in a beautiful book, a story that takes you beyond the harsh season to new places. Get lost in these great books and watch the winter fly by.

All the Light We Cannot See: Why not start the winter months reading the 2015 Pulitzer Prize winner? The story centers on a young woman, blind at the age of six and a young orphan who grows up in Hitler’s Germany and joins the Nazi party. These two cross paths and discover that light can always be found, even in the darkest places. LA Times critic Steph Cha perfectly captures the book: “The prose is lovely, with the sort of wondrous, magical, humor-free tone that could be cheesy in the wrong hands. Doerr's novel is ambitious and majestic without bluntness or over dependence on heartbreak — which is not to say it won't jerk those tears right out of your head” (Source - LA Times).

Stars Over Sunset Boulevard: The glamour of old Hollywood combined with the power of friendship makes for a fast-paced, enjoyable read. Set against the backdrop of the iconic production, Gone with the Wind, the story follows Violet and Audrey as they become great friends and navigate the drama of life together. Author Susan Meissner “examines the power and vulnerability of sincere friendship” in this beautiful book (Source - Kirkus Reviews).

In Some Other World, Maybe: The year is 1992 and the month is December, the onset of winter. In different parts of the country, three groups of people go see the same movie based on their favorite comic books. These people have not yet met, but as the story progresses, their lives will cross in surprising, funny, and tragic ways. An edgy coming-of-age tale, In Some Other World, Maybe will take you through the spectrum of emotions.

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Tinkers: Set during a harsh New England winter, Tinkers is the perfect book to pull out at the first snowfall. Or, if you live in a place where it doesn’t snow, this book will transport you to where snow does fall. The second Pulitzer Prize winner on our list, the book centers on a relationship between father and son. The father was a traveling salesman who suffered from epilepsy and his son is a clock repairman. Ultimately, the story is “a poignant exploration of where we may journey when the clock has barely a tick or two left and we really can't go anywhere at all” (Source - The Boston Globe).

Why Not Me?: After falling in love with Mindy Kaling’s debut, Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?, we couldn’t wait to get our hands on her follow-up book and it did not disappoint. Outrageously funny, incredibly smart, and completely empowering, Kaling forces us to think about ourselves and how we want to change the world. She opines “the key to confidence is to ‘feel entitled,’ which is simply to feel like you deserve something. ‘Why Not Me?’ may sound like a question, but it’s actually a challenge. She’s not asking. She’s throwing the question back” (Source - The New York Times). Let’s use these winter months to come up with an awesome answer.

A Childhood Favorite: What was your favorite book growing up? Were you a fan of the lovable bookworm, Matilda? Perhaps you followed the adventures of Nancy Drew? Maybe you dreamed about receiving a letter like Harry did in the Harry Potter series? Revisiting the stories we loved is a beautiful way to warm the heart on those cool, winter days.

Happy reading!

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