6 Healthy Valentine's Day Treats Your Kids Will Love

6 Healthy Valentine's Day Treats Your Kids Will Love
Tiny Green Mom

Aside from Halloween, probably the day that’s devoted most to the eating of sweets is Valentine’s Day. While we certainly don’t want to rain on your child’s parade by saying that you shouldn’t let them have a couple of Hershey’s kisses or a cupcake or two (after dinner), we do want to provide some options that will help you and them to enjoy the day in a much healthier way.

Don’t worry. Our recommendations are just as tasty as the popular stuff. They just won’t do as much of a number on their teeth and have a few more vitamins and minerals in them is all.

1. Heart-shaped fruit kabobs

Source: T1 Every Day Magic

How cute are these? And what’s really great about heart-shaped fruit kabobs is kids are probably more into presentation than their parents. This means that they’ll be all about the shapes and the fact that they’re eating fruit on a stick that they'll be too preoccupied to notice that it’s not candy. It’s kinda sneaky, but it sooooo works to your advantage.

2. Yogurt-covered strawberries

Source: Prevent Disease

Pretty much everyone has heard of chocolate-covered strawberries. Well, here’s an alternative: yogurt-covered ones. Being that yogurt is loaded with vitamins like calcium and Vitamin D, is high in protein and actually lowers the risk of tooth decay, you can see why it made the list. You can get a recipe for how to make some here.

3. Jello parfait

Source: Wallflower Wonderland

You may have only seen gelatin as being a traditional kids treat. But there are several health benefits that come with it too. Gelatin helps to support strong bones and teeth, supports muscle formation and even aids in hair, skin, and nail health. So why not make your children some Jello parfaits this year? You can get a variety of recipes here.

4. Raspberries with white chocolate chips

Source: Luv a Bargain

When you’re a mom-on-the-go, we’re pretty sure that one of the things you’re constantly looking for is things you can do for your kids that are quick and easy. Well, we’re not sure if it gets any easier (or quicker) than stuffing a red and ripe raspberry with either a chocolate or white chocolate chip. Pretty cool, right? Plus raspberries are full of Vitamin C. Even better.

5. Strawberry and cinnamon tortilla chips

Source: Our Best Bites

Although tortilla chips are not high on the health food chain, if you get some without salt and then you add some cinnamon and a bit of brown sugar to them, they can be a light and sweet snack when eaten in moderation. Cinnamon has lots of antioxidants along with medicinal and anti-inflammatory properties. And with the help of some fresh strawberries on top, your kids will also receive vitamins needed in order to boost their immune system, improve their eyesight and even whiten their teeth. Wanna make your own cinnamon tortilla chips? Click here to learn how.

6. Heart-shaped Rice Krispie treats

Source: TSG Cookin'

C’mon. What child doesn’t like a Rise Krispie treat? With the help of a heart-shaped cookie cutter (or some creative mind skills for making a teddy bear), this is something that they can take to their friends at school and be a real hit! As far as health benefits go, Rice Krispies are a low-calorie cereal that’s high in niacin and Vitamin B. A great idea all the way around. (If you’ve never made ‘em before, click here.) Happy Valentine’s Day!

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