7 Adventure Sports That Make Us Feel Alive

7 Adventure Sports That Make Us Feel Alive

On an average day I work about 8 hours, sleep about 8 hours, spend about 1.5 hours preparing food, eating food, and cleaning up food in my kitchen, and about 45 minutes in total in the bathroom, showering and taking care of personal hygiene. That leaves around 6 hours unaccounted for in my everyday life. Of course I fill up those hours running errands, spending time with friends, posting on social media, living life with my spouse, and watching my cats do strange things.

With the structure in our lives we wake up and replay the day before, making different decisions of course, and sometimes having a slightly different agenda, but for the most part we are stuck in the endless cycle of day after day. There's something missing from the daily day-to-day grind, something most of our 9-5 bodies are starved of, something that makes people summit mountains of 3,000 feet just to catch their breath at the top. It's a sense of adventure.

Ever wonder why people risk their lives doing things that get their blood pumping? Adventure sports can make us feel alive and that alone is keeping people participating in these sports! In a time where most endorphins are released through Facebook likes, people want to feel alive again in a real and raw way! It's time to get excited about being outside and testing the limits of our own bodies! I made a list of 7 adventure sports that make us feel alive to inspire you to find an outdoor sport you love!

1. Rock Climbing

Rock climbing is an indoor and outdoor sport. If you're a beginner, I do suggest going to a rock climbing gym first before hitting the outdoor rocks! Rock climbing is an amazing way to test your own strength and endurance. It is extremely safe despite its reputation, especially when you are in a rock climbing gym. The reason rock climbing is so safe is because you are locked into a harness with a partner belaying you. Of course there are climbers who free solo, (climbing outside with no harness), trusting their own arms and legs to keep them safe, but this is a very low percentage of rock climbers. Rock climbing outdoors has its own dangers, since you no longer are climbing on man made rock and you are more at nature's mercies, but overall rock climbing is a great adventure sport and something that many people make a part of their daily routine! If you're interested in rock climbing, check online to see if your town has a gym!

source: pixabay

2. Snowboarding

I picked snowboarding over skiing here just because I am a snowboarder myself and find it extremely liberating. Snowboarding, just like skiing, is something that is a seasonal sport, so it takes longer to really get into it. You can be a beginner for a whole season or two if you don't get up to the mountain enough to keep practicing. I do promise you though, if you fall down for three whole days, on that fourth day of snowboarding you are going to finally get the hang of it. With snowboarding, you just need to remember to not give up. It is harder than learning to ride a bike, but once you get the hang of it, it will seem very comparable. Nothing is more liberating than being at the top of a snow covered mountain and riding down at 30 MPH in total control of your snowboard. Don't forget to wear a helmet!

3. Scuba Diving

Scuba diving is another sport that you can't do frequently unless you live in a costal town. The liberation comes from exploring parts of the Earth that many people can't even imagine. Scuba diving has many procedures that ensure the diver's safety and is something that you will need to take a class on before you can get out into the ocean. It is similar to sky diving in a sense, as it is very dangerous to attempt it on your own without learning the safety measures first. Scuba diving can be extremely safe, as long as you follow the correct procedures.

source: pixabay

4. Long boarding

Long boarding is a cross between skateboarding and snowboarding. It is essentially snowboarding on pavement with wheels. It does offer transportation convinces in cities and towns, yet it becomes more of a extreme sport when brought to a rural or inclined area. Long boarding is easy to learn, and is something that you can practice easily right outside your house. The boards come in different sizes, so pick your board depending on personal preference and personal comfort.

5. Windsurfing

Windsurfing is a water sport that essentially combines surfing and sailing. It's a sport that you may need to take lessons to learn, but once you get the hang of it, it is smooth sailing! There are many different types of boards you can get, depending on skill level, and purpose. Some people windsurf for speed and others for tricks.

source: pixabay

6. Kayaking

Kayaking can be one of the most enjoyable and the most intense water sports. Like any adventure sport, the sport differs depending on where you are, typically rivers, oceans, or lakes. Many people use kayaking as a means to travel through rapid filled waters. I personally find kayaking exhilarating; it is a rush knowing that you need to use a paddle to control the whole movement of your vehicle.

7. Wingsuit Flying

This is an action sport that not many people participate in, but it is too perfect to not list here! From the videos I have watched, the rush of life from wingsuit flying seems unreal. You wear a wingsuit that is comparable to a squirrel suit, and fly through the air. People wingsuit fly off cliffs and out of airplanes letting their suit and the air guide them to the ground safety. No parachute, just the aerodynamics of their suit. Similar to skydiving, you must take tons of lessons to know how to wingsuit fly, and even with lessons the sport is known to be extremely dangerous. Just watching the videos gives me a rush of adrenaline.

source: wikipedia

Which adventure sport are you excited to try?

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