7 Clean Foods that Keep Your Skin Clean and Clear

7 Clean Foods that Keep Your Skin Clean and Clear

You are what you eat. When it comes to skin health, that cliché is oh so true. If you’re constantly striving to clear up your skin, try out some of these superfoods associated with healthier skin.

Blueberries: Aside from being delicious, blueberries offer a host of skin-cleansing properties. Per 1 cup serving, blueberries pack in nearly 4 grams of fiber, which supports a healthy digestive track, removing any toxins from the body. This detoxifying effect helps to clear your body from the inside out. Plus, their high level of Vitamin C slows the aging process, keeping your skin young and fresh for longer.

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Water: Are you drinking enough water? If you have to think about it, you probably aren’t. Find yourself with constantly dry skin? Head to the tap and start drinking, as more water helps keep the skin moist and supple.

Chia seeds: Perhaps you’ve heard that Vitamin E is good for the skin. You’ve heard correctly. Vitamin E helps with wrinkle reduction and overall skin smoothness. Chia seeds provide plenty of Vitamin E. Add some to your morning smoothie or afternoon yogurt.

Sweet potatoes: Why buy an overpriced face-mask with tons of chemicals when you can make your own natural remedy with 3 simple ingredients? Mix cooled, mashed sweet potatoes with a bit of honey and lemon juice and spread the mixture onto your face, letting it sit for about a half hour. It’s a great homemade mask for particularly oily skin.

Green tea: Anti-oxidant rich green tea helps reduce redness in the face for people who suffer from rosacea. It’s a wonderful anti-inflammatory that everybody should be drinking. Try switching your morning coffee to this equally impressive energy-booster a few times a week.

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Almond butter: Like chia seeds, almond butter comes stocked with plenty of Vitamin E. While it’s not a substitute for sunscreen, it does help protect your skin against harmful rays. Add some to your morning oatmeal and keep that beautiful face protected.

Walnuts: Stephanie Clarke and Willow Jarosh, both Registered Dietitians, said it best: “Walnuts offer up healthy Omega-3 fats that strengthen the membranes of your skin cells, locking in moisture and nutrients that keep it plump and glowing and keeping out toxins that can damage skin cells.”

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