7 Easy DIYs To Brighten Up Your Bedroom

7 Easy DIYs To Brighten Up Your Bedroom
wave avenue

Beyond the obvious aesthetic advantages, there's something about updating your bedroom, the room that most of us spend most of our time in, that can inspire new ideas, new habits, and new appreciation for your own creative self. Take a look at these seven easy ideas for some inspiration to get crafty!

1. Make these no-sew pillows!


This blogger shows us how to brighten up our boring pillows with the easiest pillow DIY ever. Check out the tutorial here!

2. Make a headboard.

Bored of your headboard-less bed? This blogger brings us a cute, rustic DIY idea that only requires some old shutters, some nails, a little paint...and an adorable dog to look at you with encouraging love as you do your project. Check it out here!

3. Use washi tape to frame your photos...

This washi tape frame idea from Design Sponge is a quick, easy way to add some colorful borders to your photos! It's also a perfect way to get around dorm and rental apartment policies that may get in the way of your your nailed-in frame thrive. Learn how to do this here.

4. ...or use it to make temporary wallpaper.

If you have some extra time on your hands and you're good with a ruler, this cool washi tape temporary wallpaper will you pay you back for your trouble by being the cheeriest, cutest wall around. Learn how to do achieve it here.

5. Make some fab(ric) outlet covers.


For a little pop of color, these outlet covers are perfect. Check out the tutorial here.

6. One man's trash is another man's side table.

This clever crafter flipped a trash can over and painted it a poppy shade of bubblegum to make this star of a side table. So cute. Check out the rest of their room here!

7. Light it up!


For some instant romance and warmth, drape some globe and Christmas lights on your walls and ceiling. Check out some more light-draping inspo here!

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