7 Great Ways to Find Balance Between Work and Home

7 Great Ways to Find Balance Between Work and Home
Confessions of an Adoptive Parent

Whenever we write articles like this, we feel like a disclaimer needs to be put up simply because even if you are a stay-at-home mom, we totally acknowledge (and applaud) you as being a “working mom”, although it may be in a different way. This piece, however, is addressing women who may have jobs outside of the house or may be running their own company.

If you happen to fit in that category and one thing that you want to do this year is create more balance between your work life and home life, hopefully the following suggestions can help you to get some things back on track.

1. Plan out your week (at the beginning of the week)

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Time management is so important when you’re trying to create balance in your life. That’s why it’s a good idea to take out an hour or so each weekend to plan out the week ahead. While there might be some surprises along the way that you can’t control, if you have some idea of what’s coming up, you can make time for some of the other things on this list.

2. Have at least one meal as a family

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Did you know there are health benefits that come to eating with your family? Yep, there are studies which indicate that your children watching you eat vegetables will influence them to do it more. Eating together is also healthier and cheaper. Plus, it helps everyone to exercise portion control and it’s a great way to spend some much-needed quality time too. As a bonus, if you’re someone who is a self-professed workaholic, eating with your family will help you to “get off of the grid”, even if it’s only for a few moments.

3. Make sure your kids have a set bedtime

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If your kids are up all hours of the night, not only could that result in them being irritable in the morning, but it could also keep you from getting any extra work done and then having an hour or two to unwind before going to sleep yourself. Kids need at least eight hours of sleep (and honestly, 10 can’t hurt). For your sake as well as theirs, put them to bed at a set time each and every night.

4. Take one day completely off from work each week

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Any kind of job that has you working seven days a week is a job that you need to reconsider having. No matter how much money you may be making or opportunity may be at your disposal, it’s essential that you make your family and your own personal time a top priority. In order to do this, purpose to take at least one day off each week and make it a day that has as little work as possible incorporated into it. Time is something you’ll never get back. Spend as much as you can with your spouse and children.

5. Designate chores (so that you don't get overwhelmed)

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Superheroes are make-believe, so don’t try and kill yourself in order to be seen as a superwoman. Trying to take care of everything at home after a long day at work will wear you down both physically and emotionally---and that’s not going to do anyone in your house a lick of good. That’s why you should designate chores to everyone in the home (who is school age and up). And don’t feel guilty. It will teach your kids how to be more responsible and it will help you to keep the house in balance too.

6. Go on annual family vacations

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Gee, here’s something that’s pretty tragic. Did you know that in 2014, there were approximately 42 percent of people who did not take a vacation at all that year? While on the surface, vacations may seem like a luxury, they’re really not. You need to be able to rest and relax with your family. It helps everyone to reconnect and also helps you to recharge so that you can be even more productive once you return to work.

7. Go on a couple's vacation too

Source: Couples

Speaking of vacations, hopefully you can budget for one for the entire family and then one for you and your spouse. When you’re a parent who also has a job outside of the home, you have two jobs---and the parenting one never comes with off days. But when you know there is some time coming up when you can be alone together to focus on one another, that makes even the challenging days at work and home easier to get through. It’s just one more way to create balance between work and home.

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