7 Relaxing Staycation Activities

7 Relaxing Staycation Activities

It's always important to get away every now and then. Taking a break from work, school, and other stressful engagements offers some much-needed relaxation and a break from stress. Of course, the act of atually 'getting away' isn't always possible and sometimes we have no choice but to stay at home. Thus, the "staycation" was born, spending a few glorious, work free days in your own city, relaxing to the max and discovering all of the things that are awesome about home. Here are a few fun, relaxing things to try on your next staycation.

Take the Time to Catch up on Your Reading

Source: Kate Williams

As much as we all hate to admit it, we don't always get to read as much as we want to, and while there are tons of things that get in the way of devouring a good book normally, staycations provide a perfect time to dive into a couple of great books you've been meaning to read. Visit a local bookstore or charge up that Kindle and use your free days to expand your imagination with a few good books.

Pamper Yourself

It's always a good time for a little pampering, but this is especially true when it comes to staycations. If you can afford it, treat yourself to a nice day at the spa, complete with a deep massage, a relaxing manicure, and a rejuvenating facial. If you're on a budget, get a couple of friends together and turn your place into your very own spa, great conversation, some drinks, and tons of self-pampering, it doesn't get more relaxing than that.

Get Lost in Your City

Source: Anthony Delanoix

It can be pretty easy to become disenchanted with the city you live in, it's not often that we get to take the time to appreciate our cities for all their wonders. Go out and explore, find things that you've never seen before, visit places you've always wanted to. Fall in love with your city all over again.

Have Your Own Film Festival

Pick a fun theme, find some great movies, get some food, and invite a few friends over for your very own film festival. Create a score sheet and get your friends to rank their favorites, deciding on a clear winner at the end of the night. Being able to spend some quality time with your best pals while watching a few good movies is an awesome way to chill and relax.

Take a Break from Social Media

While it isn't necessary to disconnect from all of your favorite tech items, after all, nothing makes for a relaxing day like a good Netflix binge, getting away from the fact-paced hectic nature of social media will do wonders for your mental health and help you relax immensely.

Stay in Bed

Source: Elizabeth Lies

Nap, marathon your favorite tv show, write a short story, whatever you decide to do, do it from the comfort of your own bed. Sometimes all you need is to be buried in a sea of soft pillows and blankets.

Take a Fun Class

Go to a yoga practice, take a fun cooking class, participate in a figure drawing seminar, learn something new, discover a new hobby and have fun while doing it!

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